Weekend Reading


* A lesson from Wendy Darling.

* 16 magnificent trees.

* Dreamy “it-girl” bedrooms.

* An perfect amuse bouche served in scallop shell.

* This instagram account is everything.

* Reading as many New Yorker stories as my lil heart desires.

Weekend Reading

Travel Notes: Lake Country, NH

I spent the past weekend in Meredith NH visiting my 94-year old grandfather and extended family on my mother’s side. Not surprisingly it entailed lots of family time balanced with carefree, country-living–namely hiking, kayaking, and picking fresh fruit and flowers right off the side of the road. Love me some summertime.

Highlights below:

Picking raspberries with my mom.
One woman’s invasive species is another woman’s free bouquet–(these country folk don’t know how lucky they are!)
Covered bridge off a back-country road.
Channeling Pocahontas.
Channeling Pocahontas.
Travel Notes: Lake Country, NH