Travel Notes: A Weekend in Tivoli

For Thanksgiving this year my family and I journeyed to Tivoli, NY, to celebrate the holiday in the newly acquired home of my novelist aunt and her journalist husband. Tivoli is a tiny town nestled above the banks of the Hudson, speckled with modest homes and their artsy inhabitants, mostly successful media and art types who left the city post-babies.

From the outside, the quaint homes of Tivoli look more or less uninspiring, but once you step inside you are greeted by gorgeous bursts of color, texture, and culture. They are filled with quirky combinations such as threadbare rainbow rugs and countless shabby chic frames all hung side by side as to achieve a quilt effect. To be fair I only saw the interiors of 3 Tivolian homes, but all 3 adhered to this code of lovely funkydom, and so by the power of 3 I  am making my judgements.

To sum up the interior design aesthetic of Tivoli in three words: colorful, cozy, and funky. A far cry from the sleek, modern pads of my native stomping ground. Below, two Tivoli design details I just couldn’t resist sharing. Xx.


1) How gorgeous are these blue starburst Moroccan tiles? Such a yummy and unexpected detail. The homeowners chose to do their master bathroom with these beauties and paired with floor-length, filmy white sequined curtains, they make the bathroom easily the most magical room in the house.



2) Another source of country lust was this airy, screened-in porch right off the kitchen. This second (outdoor) dining/living space brought to mind images of Pinterest-worthy summer cookouts, most specifically watermelon wedges stacked in an enormous mound on the table as a sweet and succulent centerpiece. A fat fluffy cat named Bix, a coral colored sofa, and funky mismatched chairs (of course in an array of colors) further leant to the space’s quirky charm.


Travel Notes: A Weekend in Tivoli